Derma Shine® Procedure

  • Question 01 Should I get HA injection?

    HA absorbs about 200 times more moisture after injection and produces collagen around the treatment area, enhancing hydration and elasticity. HA meets with water to build a transparent skin barrier in the dermis, creating whitening effects, and its mixture with other medication creates additional synergies.

  • Question 02 Compared to other devices, what are some features of Derma Shine®?

    Derma Shine® offers users with the convenience of auto-injection, along with rapid injection and allows the delivery of various medications. Derma Shine® is optimized for minimum leakage and offers great after-sales services. With more than 13,000 units sold worldwide, its stability and reliability are among the best for injectors.

  • Question 03 What is the maximum dose of medication applicable by Derma Shine® and the appropriate dose of medication?

    Up to 5 cc of Derma Shine® may be injected. In general, 3 cc is appropriate for a single procedure, and we recommend multiple procedures.

  • Question 04 How long does it normally take for the HA injection to show its efficacy?

    As for 1% non-cross HA and 2% non-cross HA, you should begin to see results between 3 and 7 days, and 2 to 3 times of repeated treatments are recommended over one-time treatment. Usually, 1% non-cross HA is recommended for 1st and 2nd procedures, and 2% non-cross HA is recommended for 2nd to 3rd procedures because although it causes more pain, it ensures stronger and long-lasting effects.

  • Question 05 Is it applicable to the scalp?

    Yes. Generally, the needle depth should be set to 1.5 to 2 mm and manually operate the equipment using a foot switch (because the negative pressure becomes less effective due to hair).

  • Question 06 Do I need to adjust the depth for each treatment area?

    In some cases, people reduce the depth of the procedure in areas with thin layers of skin such as the forehead rather than the cheeks with thick layers of skin, but under the principle of HA injection, there is not much difference in the effects between 0.1 to 0.2 mm since non-cross HA absorbs water and spreads after the procedure.

  • Question 07 What are the features and differences between cross-linked HA and noncross-linked HA?

    The cross-linked HA molecules are bound to each other and thus they break down slowly, whereas noncross-linked HA molecules break down at a relatively higher speed. Therefore, a typical HA injection uses the noncross-linkd HA.

  • Question 08 What aftercare recommendations do you have?

    Generally, use a cold mask pack or a cryo-cell type cooling object. Derma Shine® contains a portable cryo-cell, allowing a rapid soothing immediately after treatment.

  • Question 09 Why does dead skin cell fall off after the treatment and how do I stop it?

    Medication administration into the skin can speed up the skin turnover (typically 28 days of life cycle). Flaky skin caused by accelerated turnover is not an abnormal phenomenon. Exfoliate through peeling or scaling, and make sure to moisturize your skin.