Derma Shine® Procedure


    Maximizing treatment effects without medication loss

    Derma Shine® uses negative pressure to draw in skin and injects a correct and appropriate amount of HA into the target area. Conventional HA injections had a disadvantage of causing loss to the medication inserted through a needle without being absorbed 100%. Derma Shine® HA injection has a constant and accurate amount of medication injected and needle insertion depth, and causes little loss of medication.

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    Powerful moisturizing effect, skin tone and pore tightening

    As HA holds 200 to 300 times its molecular weight in water, its has an excellent moisture-absorbing capacity. Derma Shine® HA injection hydrates skin with a powerful moisturizing effect. Along with its moisturizing effect, it activates the regeneration of the elastic fibers around the skin, helping to reduce skin aging. It offers an excellent effect for improving skin glow, skin tone, pores and wrinkles.


    Short treatment time and reduced pain

    Derma Shine® HA injection uses dedicated sterilized needles to automatically inject medication into the skin, and therefore, thinner and more needles than conventional hyaluronic acid injections reduce the treatment time and pain. Compared to other general cosmetic procedures, it is simpler, and carried out quickly, and as it leaves no mark 1 to 3 hours later, you can resume your daily life immediately after the procedure.