Purpose of Article 1
The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe the conditions, procedures, and other necessary matters of business-related services provided by Panace(hereinafter referred to as "our").

Article 2 (Activity and Change of Terms and Conditions)
1 This Agreement becomes effective when the contents are posted on the service screen and the user expresses consent on the service screen.
2 The Company may change these terms and conditions if reasonable reasons arise, and if the terms and conditions are changed, it shall notify on the service initialization page along with the current terms and conditions by specifying the date of application and the reason for revision, and it shall take effect in the same way as in paragraph 1.
3 If the user does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the user may discontinue the service use.

Article 3 (Other than Terms and Conditions)
Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the provisions of the relevant statutes, if any, in accordance with the government-set guidelines for consumer protection of electronic transactions and related statutes or general practices.

Article 4 (Definitions of Terms)
The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:
1. Service: It refers to the homepage of our representative and the homepage linked to our business.
2. User: The service provider provided by the company is collectively referred to as the person who receives the service, and the user consists of corporate members and individual members.
3. Corporate member: An organization that provides corporate information and registers as a service member, and can receive information from the company concerned.
4. Personal member: A person who provides personal information and registers as a service member can receive personal information related to our company.

Article 5 (Enforcement of a contract for use)
1. The service contract is established by the company's acceptance of the user's application for use and agreement on the user's terms and conditions.
2. Individuals or enterprises that wish to join the membership and use the service shall provide the information requested by us.
3. If the company approves the use application, a service contract will be established, and individual members will be established immediately without separate consent.
4. The company may not accept or cancel the following application for the service contract:
A. When an application is made using another person's name,
B. When the contents of an application for a service contract are falsely stated.
D. When an application is made for the purpose of undermining the well-being and order or customs of society,

Article 6 (Agreement on the Use of Member Information)
1. We value and manage users' personal information. Personal information protection can be checked through the Privacy Policy.
2. Purpose of personal information collection and purpose of use: The personal information of users who request information when subscribing to services provided to us is collected and used for the purpose of implementing this service contract and providing services under this service contract.
3. Off-Purpose Use and Supply and Sharing of Third Parties: User information may be provided to companies affiliated with us in order to make it easier for users to use the services associated with us and us. However, the company shall notify in advance the information of its affiliates, purpose of provision, contents of member information to be provided, and obtain the consent of the users.
4. Reading and correcting personal information: Users can view and modify personal information at any time through member information modification.
5. Consent to the Collection of Personal Information: If a user enters the user information in the application form and applies for use in accordance with our terms and conditions, it is deemed that the company agrees to collect, use and provide the user information listed in the application under this Agreement.
6. Age of personal information retention and period of use: When personal information is collected from users, the period of personal information retention and period of use is from the time the user applies for membership directly to the time the cancellation is processed. When a user requests us to delete personal information, we destroy it without delay. However, even if the purpose of collection or the purpose provided is achieved, the personal information of the user may be retained if it is necessary to preserve it under the provisions of statutes, such as commercial law.

Article 7 (Service Use and Restrictions)
1. As a rule, the service is open 24 hours a day, 24 hours a year, unless there is a special problem with the company's business or technology.
2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1), the use of the service may be restricted as an exception if the company needs a regular system inspection.

Article 8 (Our Duty)
1. The Company shall maintain suitable facilities for continuous and stable service delivery and repair or repair the facilities in the event of failure or failure of the service facilities.
2. The company shall not divulge or distribute the personal information of the users who are aware of the service to third parties without their consent. However, if the user inadvertently divulges the new information, the company shall not be held liable.
3. Notwithstanding paragraph (2), this shall not apply where there is a request from a state agency or a warrant issued by a judge for investigation purposes.
4. We will notify you of any changes or additions to the Terms of Service on the Service screen.

Article 9 (User's Duty)
1. The user shall not perform any of the following acts when using the service:
A. The act of fraudulent use of information from other users.
B. Reproducing information obtained using the service without prior consent from the Company, using it for publication, broadcasting, etc., or providing it to a third party;
C. The act of slandering other users or third parties or damaging their reputation by slander;
(d) Dissemination of information, sentences, shapes, etc. to others in violation of public order and customs;
Ma. An act deemed to be linked to anti-national, antisocial and criminal acts.
(f) Violating copyrights, etc. of other users or third parties;
(g) The act of continuously transmitting advertising information or interfering with the stable operation of the service, registering postings, and other acts contrary to the use of sound services;
Ah. Other acts in violation of the relevant statutes.
2. The user shall comply with the matters stipulated in this Agreement and the service information or precautions.
3. The terminal installed by the user, etc. shall comply with the standards set by the Rules for Technical Standards of Telecommunication Facilities and shall not cause any disruption to the service.

Article 10 (Responsibility for Service Use)
1. The user is responsible for all the personal information of the user.
2. Except for obvious reasons, the user shall be responsible for any negligence in the use of the service caused by personal information provided by the user or for any illegal use by a third party.

Article 11 (limits and suspensions of service provision)
1. We may stop providing services in any of the following cases:
A. In case of inevitable repair or construction of service equipment
B. When a fixed-term telecommunication service provider as stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act stops the telecommunications service,
2. In the event of an exhibition, accident, natural disaster, or similar national emergency, or other unavoidable reasons, such as the suspension of telecommunication services by a fixed-term telecommunication business operator under the Telecommunications Business Act, the whole or part of the service may be restricted or suspended.

Article 12 (Deletion of user posts and restriction of service use)
1. If the company determines that the capacity of the service facility is insufficient, the personal information provided by the user may be deleted as necessary.
2. The company may partially restrict the service use of the service when it is deemed that the capacity of the service facility is insufficient.
3. The Company may delete the contents of the service posted or registered by the user without prior notice if it is deemed to fall under any of the following:
A. In case of fraudulent use of other's personal information or company information of a third party;
B. Where he/she slanders another user or a third party or damages his/her reputation by slander;
D. In the case of disseminating information, sentences, shapes, etc. that violate the public order and customs;
(d) Where it is deemed to be related to anti-national, anti-social and criminal acts;
(c) Violating copyrights, etc. of other users or third parties;
(f) The publication period exceeds the specified period;
(g) Where it is deemed to be in violation of other relevant statutes;

Article 13 (Restrictions and Termination of Service Contracts
1. When a user intends to terminate a service contract, he/she shall request the deletion of personal information.
2. The company may terminate the service contract or suspend the service provision without prior notice if the user falls under any of the following:
(g) In case other people's personal information is used,
B. In the case of intentionally obstructing the operation of the service;
D. In the case of intentionally disseminating content that is detrimental to public order and customs;
(d) In the event of an act that damages or disadvantages others' reputation;
(g) Where it is deemed inappropriate as a user of other services;

Article 14 (Rights on published materials)
The rights to data posted on the service shall be as follows:

1. We have rights and responsibilities for the post, and we cannot use it without the publisher's consent. However, for non-profit purposes, we may use it without the consent of the publisher and have the right to publish in the service.
2. Without our prior consent, data posted on the service, such as processing or selling information obtained using the service, cannot be used for commercial purposes.
※ (Enforcement Date) This Agreement shall enter into force on October 5, 2020.