For super hydrated and dewy,
moisture-retaining radiant skin

Derma Shine®

This product is medical device for export.

About Derma Shine About Derma Shine®

Derma Shine® is a digital injection system using negative pressure.

The automatic pressure detection system closely brings together the gap between the 9 aseptic multi-screw needles and the skin surface
to ensure that the medication is safely and effectively injected into the treatment area, thereby directly improving skin condition.

Derma Shine® moisturizes dry skin using hyaluronic acid (HA).
It injects HA, which holds 200-300 times its weight in water, deep into the dermis of the skin, making your skin hydrated and firm.
Also, its thin 32 and 34 gauge - 9 pin multi needles, reduced pain auto-sensing injection method, and 10-step micro-pressure control enable a more precise and faster procedure.

Derma Shine®

  • Derma Shine® comprises 9 (32G/34G) multi-screw pin needles can adjust the depth of the needle insertion into the skin to vary between 0 and 1.2 mm depending on the patient's skin condition, preventing unnecessary damage and reducing pain.

  • Once the 9-pin multi-screw needle with negative pressure sticks to the skin and the needle is inserted into the skin, the sensor in the body detects the suction pressure, automatically injects a set amount of medication, and releases the suction pressure to accurately inject medication into the dermis without any loss, thereby increasing the therapeutic effect.

Principles & Efficacy of HA Injection

  • Before radiant skin injection dry, flaky skin

  • During radiant skin injection skin retaining moisture

  • After radiant skin injection tight and dewy skin

  • 01

    Injection of HA
    with skin composition

  • 02

    Regeneration of

  • 03

    Tightened and
    moisturized skin

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